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We are glad to greet you at the web page of Kirov Regional Scientific Library named after A.I. Herzen.

The section provides common information about the library: historical review, current state, functions and activities, structure, contact details.

Order of Honor of Kirov State Regional Universal Scientific Library named after A.I.Herzen (Readers and library staff call it with loving care “Herzenka”) was established in 1837 with the direct participation of A.I.Herzen. Throughout the history of the library existence the library has undergone many changes, but during all these years the library has served the society interests. Its main goal was to keep the national memories, cultural and historical heritage of the Vyatka Region.

Nowadays a library is not only the main regional book depository, but also a multimedia information, scientific research, methodical and local lore center. Enormous number of readers’ associations and clubs, meetings and happenings holding non-stop make it the main component of the social and cultural space of the Vyatka Region. More than 4 million items are kept in the universal library book depository. Its publications give us an opportunity to observe all the steps of native print and manuscript. The range of the given publications is unusually wide: from the first printed book by Ivan Fedorov to the most contemporary electronic publications.

Annually more than 35 thousand readers visit the library to get the information to carry out the professional, cultural and educational activities. The readers borrow 1 million 700 thousand publications all in all.

The library aims to meet all the demands and requirements of the modern society by keeping the traditions of previous generations and using the possibilities of innovative technologies. The library’s maim goal is to give free access to the information for all the Russian citizens.

The Regional Library named after A.I.Herzen is a member of the Russian Library Association, of the Vyatskaya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and also a participant of Commonwealth of Pavlenkovskie Libraries of UNESCO.

More information is available on the official web-site of the library: http://www.herzenlib.ru (in Russian).